The Rioting 20s

It’s a new era, many people finally see now what is at stake in the loss of a republic- safety. Liberty is not the friend of safety, from safety is born security, then security is monetized or privatized or militarized- and anyone who isn’t being safe is deemed a danger. Smoking, driving without a seat belt on, citywide curfews both in pandemics and for minors- is coronavirus afraid of the dark? Are we giving our night away to predators- rapists, thieves, kidnappers, murderers and the like- are we saying that people under 18 or 16 can’t be out at a public park past a certain time BECAUSE it is when crime would occur? Why then, do we not push back? Because we don’t really care. None of us do. If you think that you do, you are a liar. I call a spade a spade; refusal to accept your sins isn’t the same as absolution of them.

There are children starving and dying and being molested by folks that raise them or school them- there are women beat and raped, blacks are refused business transactions in wholesome small towns and the media is only interested in making money off of the pretense that anyone cares, that you can help others by being indignant about yourself- and in the online realm this is effect. In the real world, people are mostly out-of-touch with our digital layer. I travel often and meet many and I see no hysteria in places without media pressure to present hysteria- I spent a weekend in portland and missed the rioting by 2 days; the riot atmosphere was long gone and the whole thing had taken place in 2 or 3 blocks. Nothing was happening. I have been maskless in every state from Missouri to Nevada, to Washington. The people aren’t rioting- the people are apathetic. They are consuming and working and consuming again.

This is ultimately a systemic issue- because the people in charge do not represent anyone anymore. And now those who spent so long administering the consequences will face some to their own behaviour at the hand of folks to whom there are no consequences. The poor. The desperate. The bored. I for one am keen on watching it all, and writing about it. Talking about it. Travelling about it.

My future is on the open road, and in a mix of rugged adventure and the pursuit of luxury decadence I will find myself. I have no shame being influenced by great men before me, and I know that I will make proud the lot of those souls that inspired mine. With a small briefcase full of Fear & Loathing Satire Props in hand we load the Prius and I write a final entry in Idaho. It’s not my home.

cherrington manor poetry

“The House That Jack Built”, an accumulative nursery rhyme written by an unknown Englishman in 1755 fuck england and fuck whoever wrote it, it is a progression tale, but it services it’s own existence in that it adds yet another tale in the long list of adventures had by Jack of fables.( THERE IS a comic book spinoff of fables that features him as an almagamation) Jack is not the focus in order to highlight the other beings and events in the house he built, that are shown by the way the piece focuses on how “This is the cat, That killed the rat, That ate the malt, That lay in the house that Jack built”.  In order to establish some connection to the real world here, it is believed that the actual “House That Jack Built” is the Cherrington Manor in Shropshire, England. I may see it one day, if for no other reason than because I spent 45 minutes thinking about the house.


12 Sept 2016

    James Baldwin was once a very poor ten year old boy being bullied and teased by New York police officers; he went on to become an influential essayist and novelist, in the short essay “If Black English isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?” he discusses the way that dialects exist within languages, and is concerned, rather especially, with the ways in which black English exists within the English language. 

    Among the addressed topics within the piece was the way that language is used politically. A posh and proper wording can make all the difference in the cases of intelligent communication or debate. If someone can properly demonstrate a mastery of a language they not only appear smarter, but it is much easier to then manipulate that language or convince others to listen to, and consequently, understand your argument. 

    Perhaps the defining moment within this essay is the tonal shift to aggressive persuasion in lines such as “We, the blacks, are in trouble, certainly, but we are not doomed, and we are not inarticulate because we are not compelled to defend a morality that we know to be a lie.” Baldwin does absolutely demonstrate that while an educated populous is important, it is also a subjective concept. It isn’t the blacks’ communications in question, but rather the idea of why “proper” people cannot fathom that they have their own system. 

    Language is important. Depending on the words that you use, or the accent that you have, you can be seen as smart, or dumb, rich, or poor, even as far as black, or white. Ones’ identity can be oft times related to the language they speak or the dialect that they use. The “black English ” or “Ebonics” have inspired our own language; the language of white English.  

    Bamboozle, Gawk, Jiffy, Poorly, Sad,Jazz,Whimsey, and wool are all words that have been associated with, and accredited to, AAVE, or African American Vernacular English. AAVE is just one of the many diverse dialects within the United States, and regardless of most “educated” peoples’ dogmatic emphasis on grammar regulations even I use AAVE inspired slang on a daily basis. An’ you know what, tho? That’s trill. 

A Study On The Human Condition

“Do Not Reason With The Light, “

The rock screams as it soars, whistling through the most silent of places. The soundless, pitch black void of space has lost its ground, as the comet rips it’s rules apart.

    Blinding red and hurtling through the nothing, it’s destination is planetary. Our planet. Damn, that is scary. All the puds in the masses, on their phones and drugs, helpless against an extinction level event. Now I regret not wearing a cardigan to every event. The government tried and failed to stop the coming storm of devastation but NASA couldn’t halt it’s progress, stalling was no success. All the politicians and the rich hide under the surface in glass bubbles, but the general population is in trouble. There is nothing trill about how real the end of all will feel but in the end it doesn’t matter, in the end there are no guidelines.

    When society is faced with and bathed in light from the nothingness of space, and the knowledge that nothing’ll be alright, the fractured columns will all fail, and fall. The loud and shining world we knew has lost its ground, as the comet rips it’s rules apart.

a written essay for someone else

10 May 2019

Society >1984?

    Society currently has a lack of trust. A lack of trust on two parts: the government and the people, and the people and the government. Current events within our country worry me, the parallels between George Orwell’s 1984 and current events are uncanny. From spying on citizens with hidden facial recognition cameras, economic sanctions, to unlikely living conditions. Technology is making it too easy for our government to fall in the ways of that terrible dystopian. 

    Arizona has fake cacti that are so realistic people can barely tell are cameras. Scientists in San Francisco are currently working on facial recognition street cameras. These things are leading to the difference between our technology and 1984’s famous telescreens will become vacant. Voice listening, spying, and technology can become the kryptonite to our democracy.

    In 1984 the entire nation is living in complexes, organized by where they work and their name. Family isn’t much in Oceania. In Nevada, we have a town completely made due to the work that can be done there. This town is Fallon, they have mining there and a Naval Air base. When people get called by work to go there they don’t always realize what they are signing up for. Housing set up just enough for living. They have been described by past employees as little prisons just for sleeping. The people that work there have little contact with their families, and they almost become different people due to the separation from the rest of society. In 1984, they use the separation with added abstinence to become one united controllable society.

    My last point of interest was economic sanctions. Oceania had complete control over all financing. That forced people to use nasty ‘gin’ and eat chocolate that wasn’t actually chocolate. Now, this is entirely impossible due to the recent discovery of a cryptocurrency named Bitcoin. Bitcoin is all the currency lost in the transfer of online purchasing, it is untraceable, and it takes time to mine. Due to the fact bitcoin exists there will never be complete and total government control of currency, saving us from fake goods produced by the government.

    In conclusion, technology is a blessing, it allows for us to run away from our government, but it also allows for more government control. Today’s society must find the minute difference between too much government control and not enough government control. For if we are not wise enough then we, as a country can slip into a dystopian reality without even realizing what is happening.



I did mushrooms on freemont street and my friend died while I was high and having fun.

I haven’t been back to las vegas to party since then, both of us fans of the same show coming to town- but not for lack of trying- the city shut down in march, and when it was open there were too many cops to get away with my flavor of enthusiasm. The coronavirus has been rough and ridiculuous but not worse at any moment than in causing the closure of americas greatest invention-a city famous for excess. i am certainly someone influenced by the many memoirs of hunter s thompson, a jouranlist in job and gonzo investigative writer in spirit- gonzo being that first person extraordainary narrative popularized by thompson, and the films made bout him. as an avid reader of thompson and others with similar spirit (dick masterson) I am obviously inspired by them. I glorified vegas on the first trip because of raul duke- i glorified vegas the fourth for cocaine and free shots. The winding indoor malllike atmosphere of the thing is fine when you appreciate the intent of it all. I spend money where consuming something seems fun- and so much is for sale on freemont street. perhaps with the relationship im in now and the need to “be a business” I will not again indulge in the sin city to its’ fullest namesake but I will always be ready to start another weekend on the polished bathroom counters of the aria’s rooms.


By Vizzy G is a comedy parody song of All Girls Are The Same by Juice WRLD,

An ode to a future where all the flags are representative of what PRIDE Month really stands for- the month is inclusive enough for everyone. We should not be burning gay pride flags of any color.

I admit it, another flag got me livid
Broke my heart, oh no you didn’t
Fuck speakin’, I’mma doubledown throttle

It’s gay pride, the hard truth, can’t swallow,
Need a new motto, step on snek? Meet sorrow,
Wake up the next day to the logos with new photos,
Tell me gay pride months over tomorrow
And that’s not winning
Flags be flown looking hollow,

Who am I kiddin’?
All these companies are telling me that I fit in
I’m a jealous boy, really feel like John Lennon
I just wanna sing imagine, guess it’s been a minute,
Pissed off from the way that I do fit in, I do fit in
Tell me what’s the secret to sales? I don’t get it
Consistently coverin’ my face, I’m not winnin’
BLM and so do trans white women, she grinnin’

these flags are the same
All the flags are gay,
They’re protesting race, love
Or sex or cops or some-thing
Before I go insane, uh,
All flags are the same
They’re protesting pain, drugs, racism or brand names,
Also pro-sex change, bruh


I Am The Greatest: Episode 4

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